Mindscape signs game Unpetrified from Swiss developer Dreamhunt Studio

AMSTELVEEN, August 29 – International publisher Mindscape and Swiss developer Dreamhunt Studio are pleased to announce that they have entered into a partnership for the development and worldwide exploitation of the game Unpetrified.

Unpetrified is a 3D narrative exploration game. You play as a Golem, a stone creature, brought to life by a magical butterfly that embodies the energy of Nature. When you awaken, you set out to explore the new world that is offered to you. As you travel, events will take the Golem through a wide range of emotions, affecting the world, flora and fauna around you. Puzzles add rhythm to the journey, bringing new information about an ancient civilization of this world and its inhabitants.

Marcel van der Steen, Commercial Director of Mindscape is pleased with this partnership “Dreamhunt Studio is an indie game developer with a team of passionate professionals. We’ve had many creative sessions with them. Their drive and academic knowledge of what it takes to develop a good game, really appealed to us. We believe that the game concept of Unpetrified is quite unique and offers the gamer a great gaming experience but also awareness of how beautiful and at the same time essential the environment is. We see a lot of potential for the game and look forward to creating a great game together with this dream team in the coming years!”

Dominik Gygax, co-founder and CEO of Dreamhunt Studio said of the partnership, "I am thrilled to announce our partnership with Mindscape! Our relationship is already built on trust and the desire to work towards a common goal. I am so proud of the whole team, together with our very experienced partner we will release globally on Steam and consoles and elevate Unpetrified to new heights!"

About Dreamhunt Studio:
Founded in 2020, Dreamhunt Studio is an innovative game development studio located in Bern, Switzerland. True to the words "play games, make games", they create experiences that are both fun to play and fun to make. After developing an interest in creating mods and maps for existing games, the desire to come up with something of their own grew stronger. They started creating prototypes and acquired experience in student projects and game jams participations. After that, they decided to pursue a career in game development. Currently they are hard at work on Unpetrified. © 2023 All rights reserved.

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